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Work Incentive Specialist Advocacy (WISA)

Ticket to Work

The Ticket to Work program was created by the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999.  The goal of the program is to increase self-sufficiency for Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities. The program matches beneficiaries who want to work and get off cash benefits with Employment Networks (EN’s) which offer support in preparing for employment, finding an appropriate job, and becoming stable and independent in it. The Choice Group partners with other community organizations to extend the availability of this program. (Click here for our TTW Resources Page)

The Choice Group has Work Incentives Specialist Advocates (WISAs) located strategically throughout the state.  Below is a list of the primary regions they cover.  When needed, all WISAs are available to provide support in other regions:

•    NOVA Region

Erica Johnson, Certified WISA, (571) 357-0920, Erica.Johnson@thechoicegroup.com

•    Central West Region

Buddy Blatz, Certified WISA, (434) 270-5507, Buddy.Blatz@thechoicegroup.com

•    Southwest Region

Erin Lloyd, Certified WISA, (540) 238-3972, Erin.Lloyd@thechoicegroup.com

•    Hampton Roads Region

Milton Johnson, Certified WISA, (804) 297-7629, Milton.Johnson@thechoicegroup.com

•    Richmond/Central Virginia Region

Jonathan May, CPWIC, (804) 389-8959, Jonathan.May@thechoicegroup.com

Scott Fraley, Certified WISA, (804) 278-9151, Scott.Fraley@thechoicegroup.com

Beth Martin, Certified WISA, (804) 278-9151, Beth.Martin@thechoicegroup.com

Sherman Gifford, Certified WISA, (804) 278-9151, Sherman.Gifford@thechoicegroup.com

4807 Radford Ave # 106, 

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 278-9151


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