(804) 278-9151

4807 Radford Ave #106 Richmond, VA 23230


Adair Jensen-Smith

Director of Operations and Training

 Christy Stegman

Director of Community Services – NOVA

Adrienne Rudacille

Manager - Northwest

Beth Martin

Waiver & WISA Manager

Dawn Scott   

Manager - Charlottesville

Erin Lloyd 

Manager  - Southwest

Ericka Neville

Manager— Hampton Roads

Karen Melville

Business Manager

Rachel Hoffman

Ticket to Work Manager

Cate Engel

Manager - Richmond

Robyn Fry


Justin Sheets

ASD Services Manager

Zachary Sisisky 

Behavioral Management

4807 Radford Ave # 106, 

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 278-9151

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