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    The Choice Group has worked with many local businesses as well as Federal employers.  We specialize in finding well suited employees for positions that you need to fill complete with on-site job training support and at no risk.  There are many initiatives and benefits to hiring a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and employers that we’ve worked with in the past have witnessed that first hand.


     Hiring a person with a disability offers unique advantages for the workplace.  Not only can dependability, high attendance and work quality statistically describe employees with a disabilities, many studies show that it can increase productivity and promote an atmosphere of inclusivity.  Companies that hire individuals with disabilities are likely to experience a boost in customer interaction, customer service and customer retention.  Employers find that these individuals fill high turnover positions and help meet required diversity goals.  Many businesses experience a hike in morale as well as positive public perception.  With no risk and ongoing support services, work with us to build your staff and experience the benefits of hiring with diversity in mind.  


     Many of our clients are school to work transitions and entering the professional world for the first time.  Through our assessment program we find good matches based on your hiring needs.  We prepare our clients in advance with the skills they need to enter the job force. We make them work-ready by providing individual and on site training.  Working with JAN, the Job Accommodations Network, we help outfit the job site for the employee’s functional limitations, which are generally low-cost, low-tech adjustments.  We work with referring agencies to provide any assistive technology needed on your job site for these employees.  Many employers are looking to hire talent that can hit the ground running.  We provide the support they need until they can do that independently.


    Many employers are hesitant to hire people with disabilities because they are afraid of the cost of accommodations or fear of committing to a low producing employee.  Such the opposite is the case.  The idea is to integrate our clients into a competitive work environment where the usual rules apply.  We encourage real world skills, solutions and consequences.  The emphasis is on finding the right fit for the position.  If you find that your employee does not match the criteria needed to perform his or her job correctly, it’s okay.  Real world solutions include learning from mistakes and moving forward.  Once you find the right person for the right job, you will have a loyal and stable employee.


    If there are hiring needs your company needs to fill, work with us to improve your professional environment, fulfill hiring initiatives, satisfy section 503 requirements for federal employers and to take advantage of tax incentives.  Let us be your diversity committee.  Improve your business on many levels and let The Choice Group find your next great employee.

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