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Community Support Services

Finding employment is not the only challenge to face when working towards maximizing independence.  Sometimes tasks such as bathing and meal preparation can seem daunting especially when done on your own for the first time.  Designing a daily routine can be constructive in reaching self-sufficiency goals.  We focus on building a strong foundation for your continued success at home so you can be ready for success in the work environment.  We offer individualized training and assistance in the following:

  • Food Preparation (measuring ingredients, reading instructions for food prep, following recipes)
  • Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping (looking at nutrition labels, creating a shopping list)
  • Housekeeping (creating a chore list, developing routines)
  • Laundry (separating, washing, and drying clothing)
  • Life Management (resource utilization, decision making and planning)
  • Medication (developing medication schedules and alerts to take medicine)
  • Personal Safety (home safety, protecting yourself and your personal information)
  • Leisure and Recreation (participating in activities to increase quality of life outside of vocational goals)
  • Money Management (financial awareness, budgeting and saving for goals)
  • Residential (securing and maintaining an apartment or home of your choice)
  • Shopping (planning for and shopping in the community or online)
  • Socializing (developing social supports and opportunities for social engagement)
  • Travel (navigating public and private transportation in the community)

4807 Radford Ave # 106,

Richmond, VA 23230

(804) 278-9151


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